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Undoubtedly, an air conditioning unit is heaven-sent during dog days of summer. When your lawn become toasted brown and plant life seem to be at a standstill, having a sturdy device to blow fresh cold air inside your abode will prove to deliver an overall feeling of comfort and freshness to relax one’s mind and body. Indeed, air conditioners cool and filter air inside a home for the whole household to enjoy clean, cool and fresh air regardless of the summer heat outside. But, come to think of it, summer is also the time of the year where most calls to air conditioning repair Hollywood services are at its peak. By carefully gearing yourself with the common causes of such issues, knowing how to counter before it happens and knowing who to call will surely bring in a worry-free home regardless of the season or weather.

Top AC Service Repair Causes

There are at least six common causes of air conditioning repair Hollywood homeowners always face. Here is the list:

Zero Cold Air: Topping the list would be non-blowing of cold air just when the weather is too prickly. It could be caused by formation of ice or freezing of the unit’s inside, filter problems or defects on the thermostat’s sensor. It can also be lack of freon.

Inside Unit Freezing: When ice forms inside the unit, often, the filter must have accumulated substantial amount of dust and dirt blocking the unit’s capacity to function well. Though it is easy to check and clean filters, the need for a licensed technician must be in place should the condition persist after proper upkeep has been done.

Unnecessary Noise: This could be caused by a dislodged fan belt. Noise can either be loud banging sounds or sometimes gurgling or choking reverberation in between. Prolonged usage with this condition can cause more detrimental damage
Leaking. There are two types of leak that you must watch out for. Water leaking is quite simple and, often, has something to the with the unit’s filtration system. Refrigerant leaking, on the other hand, is more dangerous and requires expert checks from a reliable air conditioning repair Hollywood technician.

Foul odor: Do a double-check on any dead rodent near the unit or within the room. Look also for possible sources from the outside. To check that no mold, fungi or mildew is present, have the drainage pipe checked.
Non-working air conditioner. This could mean problems on your electrical connections, the unit itself or, plain and simple, remote control batteries. The last one can be easily remedied by doing manual on/off on your unit. But for the other two factors, professional technicians with proficient knowledge in electrical circuits and air conditioning repair must be called up.

Preventive Maintenance Benefits

Though there are quite a number of air conditioning repair Hollywood specialists at your beck and call, the best way to gear your home is to engage in routine preventive maintenance. Regular fine-tuning of your air conditioner and all other HVAC components will prove to deliver positive results. This can improve your home’s energy by optimizing its efficiency. Be reminded that grimy condenser coils or even a dirty filter can interfere with an air conditioner’s capability to circulate cold air thereby drawing more amps from your electrical service. Regular preventive maintenance also guarantees lowering of repair costs as diminutive issues are being addressed upon before they become huge problems requiring substantial repairs or, worst, replacement. We also know that routine preventive measures can ultimately extend your air conditioner working life.

Indeed, your home’s HVAC system, particularly your air conditioner, requires substantial investment. This equipment will cost you thousands of hard-earned money and by simply choosing a reliable air conditioning repair Hollywood based contractor to facilitate preventive maintenance will deliver sound results that can be enjoyed by the whole household.

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